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The Low-Down on Logos


31 March 2014

Having a good logo is extremely important to your business and to the branding of your company’s name, but it is also important to help attract new customers. When people […]

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The Top 10 Apps for Android & Apple in 2013 –


5 March 2014

Mashable is a news, technology and social media blog – their primary focus is social media news, but also covers developments in mobile and web, entertainment, video, business, technology and gadgets. Every year Mashable tests the top apps for […]

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Reducing risk with information security


11 February 2014

In todays day and age we have to be more vigilant about our information security than ever before. Do you run anti-virus on your computer? Well your website should be no different. Partner with us to help protect it today!

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Creative Ink launches audit packages to keep your website secure and up to date


10 February 2014

Over the past couple of years, we have seen the increasing need to keep your website software up to date, regardless of content changes. One of the biggest reasons would […]

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Mac Tips for beginners


6 February 2014

We recently moved over to working on Mac only, and it has been quite the adjustment. One does not realise how engrained PC shortcuts etc. are built into your daily […]

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Corporate ID and online presence for Botshabelo received a major overhaul


13 January 2014

Working at an NGO means you are willing to donate all your time and effort for the hope of helping others. It is not possible for all of us to […]

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